How to use Exit Intent Pop-ups effectively

Why has transformed the lives of humanity to the next level? Technology is continuously transforming the whole modern business world. Innovations from wheel to big modern machines are the miracles of technology. Now people are more towards online businesses that is why the influence of technology has to empower the business mind people.

Do you want to increase your subscribers?

Every businessman who has an online business always wants to get more subscribers and visitors in order to increase revenue. Exit Intent Pop-ups are the easiest and effective way to get success in online businesses. Now what exactly these pop-ups are? Exit intent pop-ups are basically a kind of website. These are overlays helping a website in convincing their visitors or users to so that page’s revenue gets increased. These pop-ups have persuasive power. They persuade users to stop leaving the website by displaying the pop-ups whenever they are about to leave. Exit pop-ups help your website to increase conversion rates, which is very important for any online retailer.  It is an innovative and good technology that will help you to remain in contact with your visitors; it also enables your page helps to reduce bounce rates.

If you want to get success in your online business, the following are the impressive hacks that enable you to use exit intent pop-ups effectively:

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Suggesting additional Interesting and Creative Posts

Usually, visitors are concerned to have creative posts so that they cannot get bored immediately. These posts also fulfill visitors’ researching purposes effectively. This will help you in kept engaging your customers by providing them with some interested and convincing stuff to read.

Offer Upgrade

The upgrade is something that impresses and attracts the majority. Haven’t you wanted to make your website famous among your subscribers? If yes, then go for this awesome hack. The upgrade can be used to increase your visitors on daily basis. You can place this in articles or blogs that are read by students as students are more interested in having something that can increase their knowledge and that appeals to their to their inquisitor minds. Whenever the visitor is about to leave the website you offer an update in the form of a popup so that they remain on the page.

Use Eye-catching and Unique Images

Distinctive and creative kinds of Images act as a pre-requisite in the way of grabbing an attention of subscribers. If you properly use images of the products that you are selling along with their description, you can easily impress customers. These images also have an effect on a visitor’s behavior and mood. It is the best hack one can use in its online shopping website in order to make customer stay on a page for a longer time. Customers will be more interested in staying on the page and purchase stuff of their choice.

Offering Free Trial

If talking about online shopping stores, customers usually show reluctance and have trust issues in terms of quality. They have doubts about products due to which they tend to leave the page immediately. If you want to gain the trust of your customers, you must offer a free trial to your visitors. This will not only build their trust in you but they will come again and purchase more from your website. This helps your customers in minimizing the fear they have related to your services and products.

Free shipping or Delivering Facility

People are very much concerned about products delivered in a safe and secure way. For gaining the trust of your potential visitors, offer them free shipping and delivering facilities. In this way, your customers will remain on the page and will show more interest in buying your products. 

A perfect combination of hues

Colors have a great influence on customers. These unique hues can make visitors more interested in sticking to the page and buy products. As colors can have a strong impact on customer’s choice related to buying or sticking to the site. You can display exit intent pop-ups with eye-catching colors that make the sale more worthy and your revenue also gets an increase.

Customer’s Feedback:

Feedback from customers is very important as it comes up with a lot of benefits. Asking customers for feedback helps the company to get a deep insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Visitors will tend to trust your online page more. It gives people an impression of the reliability and credibility of your website. You can use splendid exit intent technology for displaying feedback pop-ups right after when the visitor is about to leave.

Sharing of Content on Social Media

Social media has the power of changing people opinions quickly. You can use this platform for the promotion of your business. You can encourage your customers to share the link of your website on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Ask visitors to share the content of your page on their respective social media accounts. You can provide your customers with pop-ups having social media icons.

The proper way of Communication

Customers always want to communicate because they have some concerns and queries about your website. You can offer chat box in pop-ups for your potential visitors so that they cannot get bored and come to your page again.


Humour has a great impact on the visitors’ mood. You can use a decent kind of humor in your blog posts to make customers laugh. People like to read stuff that is full of humor. No other way can attract visitors to remain on your web page. Only humor has this ability. Use clumsy content on exit intent pop-ups in order to attract a majority.

Credentials Provision

Experts who are certified and qualified are essentials for your website. People find it very impressive to interact with qualified experts. It will make visitors to visit your website frequently every time when they need stuff of their choice. Interacting with certified experts will boost the self-confidence of customers.

Provision of Animations

Proper and interesting animations help to provide a good understanding of the description of the products that you want to sell. You can show animation on exit pop-ups because customers find these animations creative and they will never leave your page.

Give your Customers a Chance to Win

Getting something in free attracts a lot of people. This is the most desired thing that everyone wants. Use your business mind and go for this strategy to grab the attention and interest of visitors. When you offer your customers a chance to win something from your website, they will for sure again visit your website.

Warning Signs

Give warnings to your customers through pop-ups showing that they may not be able to get this offer or service again later is the best ever strategy of engaging visitors on your online shopping page.

Facilitate Customers through Working Quick

Provision of some tools in the pop-ups that are fast will help customers to do their work quickly. People hate waiting and want their work quickly so that their time will be saved. Due to this strategy, people who have busy routines also want to visit your web page.

Using Coupons and Vouchers

Incorporating vouchers and coupons for the purpose of bestselling will attract more customers as they provide discounts that convince customers to become a permanent customer of your page.

Using Arrows

Arrows are the best way to guide your visitors about their desired products. People who find difficulty in finding their favorite stuff can take help from arrows showing on the page. Guiding customers through arrows increase your credibility.


Using pop-ups for reminding customers who have purchased some items in their cart but do not remember is the best way to give them reminders about this. Hence whenever they are about to leave the page to notify them.


People want to be the permanent customers of those companies who offer discounts on their products. You can use this strategy by offering discounts on next purchase. This will motivate customers to visit again to your page. Use exit pop up here that shows the notification of discount on next purchase immediately when the visitor is about to leave.

 Display of Related products:

You can also display products according to the choice of visitors. It will surely increase their interest in purchasing your products. A display of such related products in exit intent pop-ups. This will persuade people to go for your products.

Registration Form

Customers usually want to get register to your page. Use exit intent pop up to show registration form. This is now the most trending strategy that every online retailer is using. This will enhance people interest on your page.

“Done For You” Statement

Do you want to make your customers feel special? If yes then use “done for you” statement. This will make them feel like a special member of the page and they subscribe again and again.

So do not think so much and use this awesome technology for the success of your business.