December 8, 2015

Tracking and reports


Reports: Probably the most important feature of any email newsletter service is the ability to track results, see who opens your newsletters, who clicks and where they click, how much emails are bounced, how many people unsubscribe, etc. STEdb provides a great way for you to track performance, compare results, and make informed decisions.

See Opens and Clicks over time. Easily track the number of times subscribers opened your newsletters, as well as the number of clicks on each link. STEdb offers opens and click-through statistics in an easy to understand format using visual charts and graphs. You will be able to clearly see how your performance improves over time.

Link Tracking is an easy solution for tracking all traffic generated by the email newsletters. You will be able to see exactly how much traffic was generated by the links in your email newsletters.

You can Compare Indicators across multiple campaigns and see which newsletters are getting a better response. Adjust your strategy in no time using the STEdb campaign tracking tools.