Text VS. HTML: Pros and Cons of the two forms of Email marketing.

Tips on digital marketing are extensively available on the internet and in the case of advertising through email, there are loads of email marketing services which will help you with that. However, a question that often arises is that what form of the email should be sent to subscribers or potential customers? There are various forms of emails but the long-standing, heated debate between text over HTML and vice-versa seems to never stop. Here are the pros and cons of Text and HTML emails:

  • Visuals: Attractive or Distracting?


People are generally attracted to whatever pleases their eye. Digital marketing demands aesthetics and aims to gain consumer attention through visually stunning campaigns. However, it can be argued that all that glitters in not gold! Effective email marketing services the USA should deliver its message with precision. This can be a missed shot for HTML emails due to its focus on design and link building between different digital channels. If an email marketing campaign’s emphasis is on its social media accounts and a cool looking headline rather than a specific deal or offer for which each individual email is composed. Digital channel links and overall business promotion can be done in every email you send, whilst an offer only lasts for a limited time. Marketers should primarily focus on offers and unless an HTML is smartly designed to effectively communicate that message, text emails are a better option.

  • A need for smart content

Smart content

HTML’s visual marketing narrative does save it from one problem, it’s not boring. This is where text emails face a problem in effectively communicating what they want. If not done cleverly, it doesn’t matter if you have successfully written exactly what you want to highlight and advertise. Subscribers will go through all the content you wrote staying up late for several nights in one swipe without paying attention to it. The first rule of email marketing is to engage you to subscribe, that can only be achieved through smart content writing in your email or newsletter. Create email newsletters using power words, interesting subject lines, and headlines and bizarre words to appeal to curiosity. Most importantly, keep it short! If there is too much content, people will either skim through it or completely skip it. Nobody wants to have the burden of reading an advertisement, no matter how interesting the product itself is.

Email marketing is not a new concept, yet many still cannot figure out how to engage their subscribers. The role that the form of email plays is immense, after all your entire marketing message will be shaped according to it. Whilst it is more interesting to look at, an HTML email may look like just another ad on a random website unless it is expertly designed. The key is, don’t provide access to information, talk about what your business needs.

For text, the secret lies in a smart use of vocabulary and a limited amount of content, which would keep your subscribers hooked. Get that done and your click-through rates will increase exponentially and your business will certainly flourish as well!