The story of Electronic mail turning into Email

We live in a world where keeping an email address is as important as keeping a cell phone. An email address has become such a big deal. Why? It is only and the best way of communicating. The fastest, trouble-free method of conveying your messages or details. Either from writing a new one to send the updated material, emails have made life so much easier. This free delivery system wasn’t this solid back in the ages. So, how did humans come up with such an effective way? Here is the extensive filtered history of email.


Today V/S Now:


How it all started

Today there are 2.6 billion active users and over 4.6 billion emails accounts are in operation. However, the first initiative was taken by a well-known university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT. The first program was conducted at MIT called ‘Mailbox’. This program took place in 1965 where users would leave messages on the computer. However, for the other party to receive that message, they would have to use the same computer, the message was written on. This was a unique idea but it did limit people.

emails start

In early 1969

The US Department of Defense executed an ‘Advanced research project agency network’, also called ARPANET through this they made numerous computers within the university building connect with different departments. This was a medium of communication but restricted the people within the organization.

The question arises, firstly only limited people in MIT could benefit from this. Secondly but who was the message intended to?

The famous intelligent Ray Tomlinson had the cure for that. He has the biggest contribution on the internet. He introduced the ‘@’ option. The idea was executed successfully a (username @ name of the computer) was the final and easy process.


By 1980’s

Internet service providers were introduced and that is how people started connecting worldwide. So, from MIT university to straight globally. The innovation was pretty quick and smooth. Further by 1930’s the name changed from electronic mail to email.

Hotmail, Yahoo, echomail are the oldest email distribution companies. They reformed the internet and its emailing boundaries. Through these worldwide emails started to send hence made it more accessible for everyone anywhere.



The Late 1990’s and its rapid growth

Later 55 million people were using emails worldwide and by 1999 the number of people transformed into 400 million. This rapid growth did leave us stunned but this is exactly how everything evolved and we found an amazing way to communicate.


So, by exchanging addresses because of curiosity has now completely reshaped itself into a necessity. A basic and only effective way of connecting with individuals.