Starting Your Own Business? Here’s why you need to Start Building an Email List Today

For lots of new entrepreneurs, email seems too old fashioned to be effective. After all, with the widespread use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Using email to contact customers and potential customers just seem out of date. What many novices, business owners fail to realize is that new doesn’t always mean profitable.

There is a reason everyone has an email address. There is a reason that every purchase online requires an email address. You even need an email to sign up for most social media platforms. The fact is that email is a huge part of our daily lives and if you are not connecting with your customers via email, you’re missing out.

Let’s talk numbers. An exceptional paid Facebook ads campaign can return between $5 and $10 in sales for every dollar spent. On other social media platforms with less sophisticated data than Facebook, you are lucky to achieve even a 200% ROI. However, according to the United States Direct Marketing Association, email marketing returns up to 4300% of what is invested. That means $43 in sales for every $1 spent with email marketing.



Here’s why email marketing still works

There are a few reasons why communication by email is still far more powerful than other forms of communication online.

1: Email is an absolutely necessary part of most people’s daily lives. even those of us who use Facebook and Twitter regularly are far less likely to check either as often as we check our emails.

2: Email is direct. As opposed to a social media post that can be seen by many people in a Facebook news feed, receiving an email feels much more personal and is much more likely to get the attention of the recipient.

3. Email is much more customizable. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, your messages are confined to a very specific format as well as a size and character limit. Email is much more flexible allowing for much longer content laid out in whatever manner you choose, allowing for much more effective messaging.

4: Email reaches people when they are in a mindset conducive to conducting business. Someone checking their email is ready to get things done. this is why so many people buy products directly from links in emails. Compare that to the mindset of the average social media user who is generally flipping through their social news feed when they want to relax or kill a few minutes