December 8, 2015

Send emails


Send Emails and be sure to maximize the probability of reaching the inboxes of your subscribers. At STEdb, we do our best to ensure deliverability of your newsletters. You can select among the various content and targeting options available at STEdb to run your emailing campaign in the best way possible.

To ensure Deliverability we use technologies like IP/Domain Certification, ISP Feedback Loops, Email Authentication (Domain Keys, DKIM, SPF and SenderID). Your email newsletters have a greater chance of reach the inbox and minimize accidental email filtering.

Use Targeting Options to send a particular newsletter to a single segment of your subscribers using targeting options. You may want to select such targeting options as ‘Target by Opens, ‘Target by Click-Through’ or choose one of the advanced targeting options such as ‘Target by Field Value’, which will allow you to send the newsletter only to those subscribers who are registered under a particular ZIP code, or live in a particular state or country.

Test for Spam Filters: STEdb uses special technology to ensure that your newsletters will receive a low spam score with email client spam filters. STEdb will inspect your outgoing email to make sure that you will not be automatically marked as spam by your subscribers email clients.