The Secret to Great Email Results: A Great Email List.

Okay, so we know email is powerful. but that doesn’t mean you can just sit down at your computer and type any random address and start seeing success.

If you want to run a successful email campaign, it’s going to require having a great email list. So building a responsive, targeted email list should be a top priority for you. Even if your offers, headlines, and email content are top-notch, if you are sending to a crummy audience, your campaign will definitely fail.

Here are the three main qualities you should strive for when building your email list, in order of importance.

1. Responsiveness. You want to only send email to real people who you know will check and read their email regularly.
2. Relevance. The only people you want on your email list are people who are genuinely interested in your brand and your product.
3. Size. Once reasons number 1 and number 2 are satisfied, the bigger the better. More people receiving your e-mail means more eyeballs seeing the offer that you are sending.


Based on what you’ve read so far, you might be tempted to take a shortcut and decide you are going to buy an email list to get ahead of the game. There are plenty of websites out there that will claim they can sell you thousands or even more email addresses for a small amount of money. DO NOT DO THIS.

Sending unsolicited emails to addresses you have purchased is not only ineffective, it can also be illegal.

Not only will you be putting yourself in unnecessary legal jeopardy and risk being labeled a spammer, the fact is that most of the email addresses you can buy online are old or fake anyway. So just don’t.