This is the era of digital marketing. The denomination ‘Digital marketing’ is used to define all the promotions and advertisements of commodities done using digital technologies like mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. Digital Marketing started in the early 90s and expanded so rapidly that soon it started giving a tough time to the traditional marketing methods.

Email marketing has been around for decades. With the advancements in technology, a lot of additions have been made to the domain of digital marketing. These additions include the likes of Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and much more. But despite all these advances and changes, it still managed to survive and is still being used by businesses all across the globe. 40 years is a long period of time, folks, and there must be something special about this form of marketing that keeps it going, right? We have compiled a few reasons why it is still going strong. They are listed below:

Numbers Matters

A successful marketing is which reaches out to a large number of people. Thus, for the success of any marketing platform, a gigantic number of users are required so that the advertisement reaches out to both potential and current customers. Coming back to our topic, you may be aware of the huge figure of people who use electronic mail. A Radicati group study states that there are up to 3.7 billion email users. Yes, folks, this means more than half of the world’s total population uses this medium. What we are trying to imply is that one reason for the effectiveness of this marketing is the fact that your advertisement definitely reaches out to a lot of people. So yes, people, numbers do matter.

The Aura of Seriousness

Even the word ‘email’ reflects sheer professionalism. That’s right, people. No other kind of marketing can match the class and importance of electronic mails. Any other type of digital marketing like social media marketing gives a non-serious impression while the use of emails for marketing portrays gravity, giving us another reason for its popularity.


Easy to Use

Almost anyone can send an email in the modern era. It requires no qualifications. However, the other categories like SEO are quite complex to use. This user-friendliness of electronic mail serves as another reason why it is still being used as a source of marketing.

We are certain that you may have heard of the phrase “Old is Gold”. The prolonged use of a medium invented decades ago is a perfect example of it.

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