December 8, 2015

Privacy and security

(a) STEdb shall exercise reasonable commercial efforts to make the STEdb Outsourcing System secure. STEdb shall not make Customer’s passwords available to anyone who is not (i) an authorized agent or employee of STEdb or (ii) a list administrator who has been so designated to STEdb by Customer in writing.

(b) STEdb acknowledges that membership lists provided to STEdb by Customer in connection with this Agreement are the property of Customer. Unless STEdb receives specific instructions from Customer to the contrary, license, share, transfer or otherwise disclose Customer’s membership lists or Customer’s list administrator’s login information to any third party except as otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement or the Rules or as required by law or a court order.

(c) STEdb may access Customer’s membership lists in order to unsubscribe a member who has sent to STEdb or STEdb’s ISP a request to do so or a complaint to the effect that such member is unable or unwilling to unsubscribe themselves, or if such member violates the Rules or the terms of this Agreement. STEdb may also reserve the right to deactivate users from the same domain and other domains hosted on the same IP where complaints came from in order to help isolate and eliminate continued complaints. Also note that if funds are not paid and a late balance is carried over STEdb has the right to use client’s data as collateral and or not allowing client access to their data.

(d) Customer understands and agrees to that the contact information located in the online account as well as contact information listed on the corporate site, some or part may be used for registration of Feed Back Loops and White List with various ISPs. In addition Customer agrees and authorizes STEdb to communicate and write emails on the Customer’s behalf using the name and contact information in the signature of communication with ISPs to resolve IP blocks, questions, concerns and/or registration.