December 8, 2015

Manage lists

STEdb features a simple and intuitive way to Manage Your Subscriber Lists.
Get the most out of your subscriber lists by segmenting, editing, and automatically updating lists during email campaigns. No matter where your contacts come from GoldMine, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Informix, Excel, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, ACT, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Siebel, or any homegrown contact CRM software, you will be able to easily integrate with STEdb.

STEdb allows you to Import Your Contact Lists in CSV format directly into the database. You can also tailor the process to limit the import only to a set of specific fields.

Exporting Lists from the database is also made simple using the STEdb export option. Export whole lists or specific fields depending on your immediate informational needs.

Custom Fields is a very useful feature if you plan to use targeting options in your STEdb campaigns. You can create custom fields after your subscriber lists are already uploaded. The newly created field can now be used to target your email newsletters to a group of specific subscribers.

STEdb will send an automatic Confirmation Email to all new subscribers. When subscribers confirm they want to receive your letters, their email address is automatically added to your subscriber list.

We offer you a simple way to grow your contact lists by providing Special Sign-Up Forms that you can add to your website.

Let subscribers change their personal information, as well as modify their subscription preferences regarding the newsletters they receive from you in a customizable Subscriber Preference Center.