How to Design an Effective Email for Marketing

When you are involved with email marketing USA you have to take care of a lot of things. Such as the market of customers you choose to target, newsletter design as well as your email design. Now the question that arises here, is why do you have to be specific about the design of your email marketing? Why does it matter so much?

An email send for marketing purpose is not just an ordinary email but it has a specific definite purpose to catch the attention of your customer and develop a relationship with on a professional basis. Therefore, it should follow some unsaid rules and formats to make sure you have done all the things right.
Now you must be thinking about how to create an effective email design? Here are some useful tips you should know to create a good design.


The layout of your email should always be accurate as it is based upon where the attention of your reader is focused the most. So here is the first thing you have to do; keep everything only 600 px wide and not more than that! Readers usually have a habit to only scan some of the lines while reading an email especially if that is from an unwanted sender and they would definitely not scroll horizontally to read the text if you keep it extra wide. Also, remember you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the readers. The will probably decide whether you are worth their time or not by reading only first few lines. Highlight your call to action and your basic purpose the most.

Avoid images being mixed up with your context. A vast majority of email clients block images in messages. That means your beautiful images will never get seen unless the rest of the content.


For an effective email marketing design, you must do the formatting right. It includes all the positioning and setting. Starting from the font styles, we’ll suggest you keep them as simple as possible. Go with the basics; Arial, Veranda, Georgia, and all the other usual choices. Remember your reader will immediately run away if they’ll see loads of text to read so do yourself a favor and keep it limited to 3 columns maximum. Keep your identification and links big enough for your sender to see them instantly. Nobody likes to read an email whose sender is anonymous. Keep your CTA’s big enough as well and make sure they are working for the smartphone users as well.


If there is one advice to give regarding the content of your email is that stay focused and brief without being rude. All Email marketing campaigns are very careful about what they are an idea they are delivering in their emails especially when it’s going to their first impressions. Cut out everything which is irrelevant or negative. Don’t try to cram everything in one message and confuse the client.