Five Keys for Building a GREAT Email List


Five Keys for Building a GREAT Email List –

#1. Start Right Away
Lots of struggling entrepreneurs put building an email list on the back burner because they don’t see the potential for immediate results without a list already. This is a huge mistake. sure, it can take some time to build an email list properly, but the results quickly compound and add up.

If you don’t make it a priority to build an email list right away, you run the risk of being in the exact same situation a year from now having made no progress.

#2. Existing Customers First
Before you worry about adding strangers to your email list, make sure all of your customers are on there first. This may require some digging, but existing customers are always your best leads and to leave them out of your email marketing means leaving money on the table.

#3. Use Your Blog Content to Hook Them
The best way to turn strangers into email subscribers is with great content. spending some time to create High quality, targeted content that would appeal to your ideal customer is a great way to build your brand and make people want to receive communication from you.

This great content will bring people to your website, let them know you are trustworthy and encourage them to opt-in to receiving future communications from you.

#4. Give Something Away
Not everyone is so easy to part with their personal information, so it’s a good idea to sweeten the deal. Whether it’s a free eBook download, case study, free trial, free sample, or simply a discount that can be used on an online store, the right giveaway can make even the most privacy-sensitive individual part with their contact information.

#5. Encourage Sharing
Don’t forget that email can also supercharge the growth of your other social media properties. simply by including a call to action in every email body that says “share this,” you can generate a surprising amount of traffic.

Think about the power of that for a second. It is one thing to simply buy sponsored posts on social media to show your product. However, this is far more effective when it is shared by a friend or family member instead of a company.

There is no one specific winning formula for getting people to subscribe to your email list. That’s why it’s important to try whatever you can think of.

Attracting a new customer is like starting a relationship and exchanging emails is the first step of that relationship. By subscribing to your list, a prospect is saying that they trust you enough to give you a piece of their personal information. If you reward that choice with good content and great offers, you will turn them into a customer in no time.