Exit Popup: Complete Guide – Exit Popup VS Exit Intent Popup

What is the Exit pop-up?

An exit popup which is also known as exit intent popup is a type of website that displays a message to the user as they try to leave the website. The main reason for using the exit popup is to convince the user that why they shouldn’t they leave the website. The message and graphics of the exit popup are customized with respect to the page the user is looking at. For customers who have made their cart, the exit popup may also offer them a discount code to convince them to stay and the people who haven’t registered or add anything to their cart are provided with another exit popup that includes an option form.


According to the researches, the websites or pages that use exit popups have shown much progress in terms of the conversion rates in comparison to the pages that don’t make use of them. Considering the fact that statistically, about 10% of the people have the chance of ever returning to the page. This is a reason, whenever a person intends to leave the page, is the best timing for displaying the exit popup. Showing them the last minute offer that will make you stay or it would ask for your contact details so that the conversation can be continued on the email so that it would boost your sale.

This works by monitoring the mouse movement and if the system detects automatically that the user is about to leave the page- by moving towards the X button of the window, your message will appear in a smart popup. This is easier to carry forward but at the same time, it is viewed as a more aggressive type of exit popup.

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Common Uses of Exit Popups:

  • Websites use exit popups as their promotions to offer new and innovative deals. And the users who are thinking to leave the page before, the site offers the last minute deal to them that may change their mind and made them stay.
  • At the time of loss of information, exit popups warn the user and they use this tactic of letting the user know that if they leave the page their data will be removed.
  • Exit popup allows the user to do a quick navigation and help them complete the task quicker.
  • Collection of data from visitors can also be done by exit popups. Questioning and answering the visitors may also make them stay for a while.
  • There are many websites that use exit popups for their newsletter. It is a very useful way of engaging people’s information before they leave the page and later on use these inbound marketing and promotions.

Exit popups allow you to add onto your page without replacing anything from there. There are several ways to personalize the exit popups according to the visitor’s demands. Exit popup should not be a spam but it should offer the user actual and beneficial deals.

What is Exit intent popup?

The core of a website can be maintained by a number of visitors that visits the page every day. There is no point in using a user-friendly website if there are no users to respond. Even the researches say that it is really important to hold and engage the visitors until they take the decision to never return back to it.  There is a huge majority of people approximately 98 percent of the people who visit the website and tend to leave without doing anything. Out of the 75 percent of the people return back to the page. In this case, exit intent popup helps to engage and hold back the visitor to the site and make sure that they stay and return back for sure. This can surely be done by offering them special discounts and offers them to come back and avail those offers.


The exit intent popup is the best way to hold back visitors when they about to leave the page especially best for the online shopping website. The entire idea of this thing is to sense the exact moment based on the activity of the visitor. This not only helps the user to stay but also maintains the bounce rate. In addition to this, the primary motive of exit intent popup is to hold back visitors but on the other hand, it is used to fulfill some other purposes as well. For Example, it can be used to promote videos, promote exciting offers, email lists, redirect traffic and reduces the case of cart abandonment. The use of exit-intent popups is one of the most important and effective ways to achieve conversion than any other normal method.  This gives the website one last chance to tempt the visitor to stay, collect their valued information, and more.

The overall theory behind exit-intent popups is fairly simple. Let’s take it as a user has been browsing through your fascinating site, then decides to leave without doing any of the things you want them to do (buying, registering etc.). In that moment of hesitancy, we can briefly interrupt them with a message, directing them towards a singular call to action.

On-Site Marketing is the best method of using website engagement tools like a banner, popup, sticky bar etc. as a medium to communicate with the visitors and users of a website. These tools can be customized to involve and engage website visitors with relevant, necessary messaging in a timely manner. On-Site Marketing is being widely used by e-commerce stores to grow their email list, engage with website visitors, and more.

Research has shown the exit intent popups have helped marketers improve their rate of conversion extensively. It can change ten to fifteen percent of abandoning website visitors into real-time buyers.

Marketers make use of this technology to enhance their sales conversion. This is been the technology which helps design more targeted ads for any particular customer section. This targeted ad and skilled mechanism helped many websites to improve their conversion.  The website does this by presenting fascinating information and making sure they don’t leave the website without viewing the very best offers and merchandise deals.

Exit intent popup VS Exit Popup?

An exit popup is one of the kinds of information of any website that overlay and exhibit the bars. It exhibits the bar whenever the operator or the user of the system tries to navigate from one page to the other.  The main goal or purpose of exit popup icon is to stop the user or convince them not to navigate. Basically, this icon means to reconfirm from a user either they want to leave the page or still want to stay on the same page. The memorandum and graphic of this exit popup can be easily personalized depends on the category of the page which the user is programming. For instance: For the consumers who have additionally added some products in their shopping cart, they can be offered incentives and discounts codes on it via exit popup. This will try to convince them to close the deal, whereas for the visitors who do not register in any website, and do not have any of the product in their shopping cart yet, the exit popup inefficient enough to include an opt-in procedure to their display.


On the other hand, exit intent technologies are typically based on the tracking and movement of the cursor of the user’s mouse. The exit intent popup is activated as soon as the user moves the mouse cursor. Furthermore, the cursor operates the dynamic area of the browser. The actual content window is displayed on the browser’s active area. Although, the stagnant area is characterized by the toolbar, search-bar and any other browser add-ons which are not even part of the loaded web page.

It’s imperative to know that exit popups are activated on the basis of the movement of the mouse cursor. But these are not an as good option for mobile devices. Although touch activity can be tracked on unlike desktop computers, mobile, the movement of the cursor is not continuously controllable as the touch point can rapidly disappear. So these connections must be substituted with other categories that work on the mobile devices such as on-scroll, on-load, or on-click popups.

However, when intent technology came into existence, exit popups were already turn out to be annoying to web users. Except for the fact that people started using the web some time ago, I am sure about the fact that you must have seen few exit popups before. However, I think you will not see them much today because people cannot judge anything so quickly as you used to see them before but to make this kind of decisions you need to have a strong mindset which Emotional Armor provides you with all the sincerity.

Nowadays, the technology which is useful and successful is the “exit intent technology.” The exit intent technology forecasts when an individual is moving their pointer or cursor in order to close the tab(s). It leaves your other websites and hit it off the “back” button. The next thing which is as important as you are your popup bar. However, this technology distinguishes between exit intent or exit popups automatically. One of the best things about it is that it transfigures invitees into consumers or customers and social media admirers when you use this technology. There is one term named “Growth Funnel”, which is built to enhance the exit intent technology. This helps to know or study the number of visitors who are visiting the websites. Not only limited to that but it also displays your popup bar whenever you are about to leave the current page you are working on.

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STEDB Exit Popup Service

STEDB Exit Popup

STEDB is very famous for their email marketing services and now they have just started their exit popup service. They generate leads on your website without affecting the traffic. Track your possible customers to the website or page, who are seriously interested in what you have in your bag to offer them. STEDB is the right choice for you and dedicated to producing new subscribers.

Whenever the customers are shopping their carts, they always look for an offer that they cannot refuse. Our exit intent popup is so efficient that it automatically detects the user is about to leave the page and turns on the pop-up. To retain the traffic, they offer good discount offers and signup forms.

The main difference that comes into account is displaying the popup at the right moment. They offer their potential customer relevant offers of the sign-ups. What will they gain by subscribing STEDB? This is the only way to guarantee increased conversion rates.

The subscription rates increase if they are smartly designed and displayed at the required time. It is very important to get the real subscribers and maintain the social media marketing. STEDB’s exit popups can arrange an entire email campaign with their exit intent popup subscribers list.

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Above is the complete guide of the exit intent pop up. The main reason for using an exit popup is to convince the user that why they shouldn’t they leave the website. The exit popup may also offer them a discount code to convince them to stay and the people who haven’t registered or add anything to their cart are provided with another exit popup that includes an option form. Whereas, the exit intent popup is the best way to hold back visitors when they about to leave the page. The entire idea of this thing is to sense the exact moment based on the activity of the visitor. This not only helps the user to stay but also maintains the conversion rate. Nevertheless, both exit pop up and exit intent pop up both are important in their own ways. You can get these perks by signing up on STEDB for free.