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Generate Leads

The Traffic on your website is useless without you turning them into leads. Track your potential customer’s movements on your pages. Are they simply bouncers or genuinely interested in what your website has to offer? Our exit intent system is dedicated to producing new subscribers to the help of exit intent pop-up.


An offer they cannot refuse!

When your customers are abandoning their shopping cart, make them an offer they can’t refuse! Our exit intent system will detect when a user is about to leave your website which in turns prompts a pop-up or fly-out! Present discount offers or signup forms, anything to retain your traffic!.


Popup magic!

Popups displayed at the right moment can make all the difference in the world! Present your potential customer with relevant and substantial offer-driven sign up’s. What will they gain by subscribing to you? If there is any way to guarantee increased conversion rates, it’s this! 


More Email subscribers

Your subscription rates will hit the roof with smartly designed popups displayed at the most opportune time. Get real emails from actual subscribers and obtain a link to their social media profiles. STEDB’s exit
popups can broadcast an entire email campaign with your exit intent subscriber list.


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STEDB exit intent popup is really helpful and very easy to use, my subscription rate has increased a lot. I highly recommend it!
John Baker



The innovation of electronic media and easy excess to internet has provide masses with variety of benefits, an exit intent pop up is also one of its blessing that enables the better promotion of online browsing. The term exit intent popup is a technological advancement that allows the conversion of your rarely approaching visitors into subscribers and customers. The basic principle on which exit intent popup works is to detect the visitor’s movement and activities within very short span of time. For this, users are provided with content that discourage their exit prompting long term stay by convincing them not to leave at ones. This is done by displaying a graphic message on the screen of device you are using of the exit pop up, the content of message is designed according to the web site’s requirement; mostly it contains offers and incentives such as discount codes to persuade visitors not to leave. Some exit intent pop ups are designed that ask the details of the site viewer so that you can remain in touch with them in future to prevent permanent contact lost. These interruptions are very brief in nature that would only benefit the visitors as well as the users without any disturbance.


If you search for the exit intent pop ups, you will come across different types of the exit pop ups, but the best one that suits you by all means is provided by STEDB. It is the one of the best exit pop ups used by common type website generators. This is what makes our exit intent pop up the best:

  1. Our exit intent system detects immediately when a user moves their cursor to leave your website and thus presents a pop-up which you can use to promote persuasive offers that make your users stay.
  2. Our pop-ups are designed to appear right on time. The right timing can mean the difference between a successful pop-up or an upset user.
  3. STEDB’s well designed pop-ups encourage users to engage in conversation with the website or prompt a further page view.
  4. You can offer something of value to visitors which might include product discount coupon, free product demos etc which aim to interest them enough to keep them from leaving you site.
  5. The exit intent system targets the right user that can help to secure you another customer. The farther down a customer scrolls on your website indicates the amount of time they’ve spent there. You can present attractive offers to people who are abandoning the products in their cart to catch their eye.
  6. Make your subscription list reach hit the roof with our perfectly-timed pop ups. STEDB’s exit intent pop ups can relay email campaign with your exit intent subscriber list.


The Popup services actually tracks the mouse movement of the visitor. As the mouse is moving to “exit” or shut the tab, a display is prompted. You can put a discount in the display, or just a signup form, it’s totally up to you, but the entire interaction is dependent on mouse or cursor traceability. The display trigger on smart phones is touch based instead of mouse movement. Instead there are two distinct actions that can be used to trigger a message on smart phones via exit intent.  The first on is done by double clicking the mobile browser to “switch” between browser tabs and second one is through pressing the browser “back” button. These displays cover most of the screen when they open and make it easy for people to sign up.  


  1. They guarantee the attention of the user who must glance at them before closing the window.
  2. Exit Intent is designed to achieve optimum effectiveness.
  3. The advertisements designed by exit intent are so captivating due to which user is compelled to follow up with the call to action.
  4. The Popup Services guarantee of getting instant feedback from their visitors.
  5. Exit intent Subscribers can easily and quickly inquire or comment about your product or service.
  6. One of the primary benefits of pop-up services is that they help a brand generate buzz.
  7. Your company can try out new products that it wants to market in the future. A pop up service will give immediate feedback as to the success or failure of your item or service.
  8. With STEDB’s customer-friendly services exit intent subscribers can develop connections and manage subscribers all over the world.
  9. The best exit intent popup allows the user to grow their subscribers by presenting special sign-up forms to visitors.
  10. Also this best exit intent popup helps to develop a personal and customization relationship with your customers which benefit you later on in long term


Our exit intent service provide also work as free exit intent by offering verity of different templates so that web designers could have some idea to get start with, it is fully equipped with all the basic needs of exit intent subscribers that helps them in elevating the number of sales, customers by decreasing the bounce rate. Designs of the templates we offer are pretty and eye captivating that ensures to grasp the attention of visitor. Another benefit of this free exit intent popup is they are very easy and simple to use and you can modify it according to the demand of the products or rewards you are going to offer.


Grow your business with the help of best email marketing service provider. Help your customer keep up with the latest offers and promotions with our efficient emailing and newsletter services. In addition to this, minimal email filtering ensures that your emails are seen by your customers 90% of the time. Pop-up services for subscription offers will also help you gather a large number of subscribers. STEDB’s Exit Intent pop-up is designed to help you achieve the maximum number of customers and keep your business up and running with our user-friendly templates and endless benefits which will make sure you secure customers from all around the globe with minimal effort.

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