You know the feeling you get when you have brainstormed the best possible ideas you can come up with, cracked up the best way to nail that subject line, and put on your best marketing skills on a piece of e-mail, and then finally when all of that is done and turned into a single masterpiece of e-mail, you hit that ‘Send’ button with a sigh of relief and pride knowing that you’ve done the best for your company and of course the thought that ‘Recipients will LOVE this e-mail. Can’t wait to check the statistics’

And then you open up your stats after a day or two to check the response you were expecting only to get let down by them. We’ve all been there, done that. We know how it feels.

But guess what, we have come up with some foolproof ways to get your emails opened, read and clicked for sure. These are ways that are guaranteed to improve your click-throughs as well as help you identify the areas you were lacking behind before.

Personalization is the way to go


Forget about the list of your subscribers and that you’re sending a single email to thousands of faces behind the screens. Write an e-mail as if you’re sending it to a friend of yours (I’m saying ‘friend’ instead a bunch of friends to keep the one-to-one feel) because that’s how you can get all of your enthusiasm out as if you’re talking to someone you know well instead of a bunch of strangers.

Don’t go for click bait


Clickbait is a favorite phenomenon for some companies to achieve their statistics targets in the short run. However, it actually does the opposite of what companies think it does for them. You need to build your relationship with your recipients on the basis of trust instead of something else. This ensures long-term image of the company in customers’ eyes as well as commitment. Let people see what they expect from the title you are writing instead of a super exciting subject but not so much of an exciting content.

Reward your recipients


This is a serious game changer for any company. At the start of your e-mail, include a phrase or an image that sends out the message to the recipients that there is something exciting for them only if they make it all the way through the e-mail. Then at the end of it, put some kind of personal discount code even if it is just 5% or a useful tip. This strategy works like magic.

Improve your own writing skills


If you’re thinking too much after writing every single sentence that is it an appropriate one or not, or are the words used okay or does they need to get replaced, you’re going to end up with a crooked e-mail because you’re constantly blocking your thought process and letting self-doubt ruin your content. Think of an idea, and write fast whatever’s in your mind. This way, enthusiasm is going to build up and ideas are going to build one after another without putting too much effort. We promise you that this will improve your content to a great extent and would not look too fake to be true.

Empathy is what keeps them running

real conversation

Empathy runs the world and your e-mails as well. Write like you are having a real conversation with the recipient and ask them questions about their struggles of daily lives. Tell them that you get them. Empathize with them as if they’re not alone. Tell them that you have a solution for this or that problem and how it’s going to turn things around for them.

Insert links

Insert links

Use persuasive language but don’t sound selfish. Also, insert links at the end or throughout the email because if recipients wish to know further about something, they would have an official place to go to and learn more about what you’re talking; leading to more clicks and better sales as well.

So here are a few tips as to how to get your e-mails opened. There are tons of other ways as well but we’ve gathered for you the best ones. But remember not to use a strict formula for any e-mail. Be personal and attractive, and incorporate humor if you’re about that informal life. Happy marketing!