3 Top Trends of Email Marketing in 2017

We’ve continuously and repeatedly discussed the importance of email marketing, throughout the many blogs written on the matter. However, one thing that has not been discussing before, is the need for constant upgrades in the emailing techniques. Adapt new trends and re-visit the strategy employed in order to cater to the varying clients. Here we’ll take a look at the top 3 trends for bulk emailing services in 2017

email marketing in 2017

Interactive emailing

Personalized subject lines and non-generic emails, modified specifically for the targeted individual is a very prominent trend that has shown a dramatic increase in the impact of the emails. Another added feature and the latest trend with regards to interactive emailing is the addition of many more call to action buttons. The possibility of being taken immediately to the check-out section, and even purchasing directly through the emails, rather than browsing through the web store. HTML5 now being mobile friendly brings about an upgraded in embedding videos on to emails, making private infomercials and adverts available for distribution to specifically targeted viewers.



The world is slowly and gradually becoming a robotic place, most transactions are now being administered and made easier by using them. Instead of manually writing up emails for individual clients, STEdb offers exemplary programs that can help you automate your bulk emailing process. With additions such as demographically recognizing audiences, understanding their clicking nature, and browsing habits.

Scrutinized audience

Brands that email market without knowing their audience thoroughly are living in the past, their marketing campaigns are in plain words, a waste. In 2107 any brand that does not use bulk emailing solutions along with thorough demographics and behavioral analysis of their clients and doesn’t serve them as they need to be, are diminishing. The latest trends email marketing include highly targeted campaigns.

Email marketing has come a long way since it was started around half a decade ago. The world too has dramatically changed. Either you adapt to the rapidly changing and evolving technological trends or you get lost and forgotten. In order to stay relevant, you need to stay connected to the general market along with your targeted audience.