Email Marketing; How to Get Started?

Every business is born with an idea of an individual who spread it among the masses to make it grow and flourish. This is why no business, no matter how big or small it is, can survive without proper marketing. Though there are numerous resources by which you can do the marketing of your business, yet internet marketing is the best option you have got in this modern era dominated by technology.

Now you must consider your options wisely when you think about launching or selling your product on the internet. You daily see hundreds of adds on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps but this is not for what you open them for. You don’t want any distractions while you are enjoying all those funny posts about your friends and other interesting facts. So where to begin with? How to approach and attract customers through the internet? Well, advertising through email is considered to be the most professional way to pursue people and let them know about your product. This is what we call email marketing.

Here are some important things to remember when you get yourself started at email marketing

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers, how would you feel about having unwanted or uninvited content in your inbox? In what possible situations will you let it stay or moreover, give them permission to keep flowing in? Of course, only when the mail contains something which interests you or is attractive enough to hold your attention.

Remember your email should always contain something presentable and polite. Probably a good newsletter or product update.


  1. All your hard work to prepare a catchy email advertisement can be eaten by the ISP monsters which can swallow your email in one byte without letting you reach the inbox of people. If your email gets spammed then there is nothing you can do about it.

The best way to dodge the spam button is to use some good email marketing services to get yourself whitelisted like AWeber, MailChimp etc.



  1. The newsletter can be your savior in the world of email marketing. A good newsletter can be the weapon to defend yourself against getting spammed or worse being ignored. Only if you use it right! Make sure your newsletter contains a balanced amount of product updates and other interesting columns and don’t forget to blend them well!

  1. Like everything else, the key to success in email marketing is consistency. If you are sending the emails on the weekly basis where you should be sending them daily, then you are most likely to be failed. Also, keep a good follow up with your customers once you make a relationship with them. Keep sending them emails containing thankyou notes, product updates, and newsletters. Don’t pop up out of the blue only when you have to sell something.