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Working with templates is made simple using STEdb Template Editor. Select a template from our gallery using the filtering options and edit it to fit your campaign requirements. You can also upload your own templates and store them in our database for use in future campaigns.

STEdb offers powerful Personalization features so that every subscriber can receive an email newsletter addressed to him or her personally. Our system will automatically change the personal message depending on the name and preferences of the subscriber who is being mailed at the moment.

Forward to a Friend option is inserted in every newsletter. Each newsletter you send will give subscribers the option to forward the message to one or more friends. These new emails will be automatically added to your mailing lists. To try out our services, subscribe to our free email marketing services and have the best for your business. 

Unsubscribe.To ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, STEdb has a unsubscribe mechanism built in every newsletter.