Why I Choose Exit Intent Everytime

Do you know about Exit Intent? Do you get confused after hearing this name from someone for the first time? If you get confused or you have no prior knowledge about this wonderful thing then no need to worry because here I am going to give you an insight into this awesome feature of technology.

It is a kind of website veneer. When the user is going to head out from the page, this is displayed for the sake of convincing users not to leave the page. The most admiring thing about exit intent pop-up is that its graphics and messages can be customized according to the page that is used by viewers. Those pages using pop-ups have the higher ability to outstand in terms of conversion rates. It is an amazing technology with the advantage that whenever the user wants to leave the page, the exit popup will display with the offer that will convince visitors to stay or give their contact details.

If you want to remain in contact with your visitors, it is no doubt a very good technique you can use for this purpose. It also helps in the reduction of bounce rates. It has some other useful purposes also such as it can be used to promote videos, to build a list of the emails and in the promotion and reduction of cart abandonment. Using exit intent pop-ups is the most admiring and innovative way to achieve conversions.


How did it work?

This technology works by tracking the user’s mouse cursor movement on the page. Right after when the cursor leaves the active area of the browser, it makes the exit intent popup triggered quickly. It is important to keep in mind that the active area of the browser is actual content window whereas the static area on browser includes a search bar, toolbar and other types of add-on that have nothing to do with a web page. It is important to note that exit pop-ups work only when the user clicks the close button.

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Some encouraging ways to use Exit Intent Popup Technology effectively

Following are some encouraging and useful ways to use this marvelous technology.


Newsletter Subscription Popup:

We all are known about the fact that when it comes to marketing, email marketing is one of the best tools of marketing. If you want visitors to read everything you post or sell, then use email marketing.  Always remember that increasing newsletter readers help you to get the hold on your target audience. When you place a newsletter subscription popup and ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter right after when your user is going to leave, it will convince a user to sign up for it. It increases the overall chances of returning to the website.

Reminding users about cart items:

For websites having the challenges of cart abandonment, the only proper way to earn is through remain in contact with visitors or holding back them. It is important to engage and make them remind about the cart items. With the help of exit intent, you can easily remind them. Discounts can be offered to visitors for immediate purchase. You can easily give them an option to save their cart in email as it inspires and convinces them to return to the websites because it is all about the facilitation.

Free quotes offering:

In marketing, free quotes act as a magic wand. What could be more convenient and innovative than having free quotes? If your website is offering visitors free quotes, users tend to browse your site many times because people love free quotes too much. It will build the relationship of trust between your site and a visitor. It admires your visitor to return to your website. Getting free quotes is the best and innovative way to attract your customers. People tend to make a correct decision through quotes and help them to think your website a reliable website.

 Free reports offering:

Every person who is doing an online business wants to attract visitors. You can do this by providing your visitors with an in-depth analysis of your performance. You can offer them with reports as it increases their interest in your site. People would like to have some insight about your market performance; they like to know your achievements. Therefore, it is always essential to provide visitors with in-depth reports.

Offering a free PDF version of the blog post:

Due to a shortage of time, many visitors avoid reading long blogs posts and due to this, they are not able to get basic information about the website. You can solve this problem by using exit intent technology by offering visitors an option to get a free PDF version of blog posts. Many people love to read contents full of interesting and fun facts so this will motivate them to read full blog posts and save them.

User’s Feedback:

Feedback has so many benefits. When you ask visitors to give or enter feedback, it will take users into trust and confidence. Proper feedback gives the impression of the good reliability of the company and it shows that the company is very serious about facilitating its customers. It also helps the company to take criticism in a positive way and to give attention to their week points. For this purpose, you can use exit intent technology for showing feedback popup right after when the visitor is done browsing. This popup will go to ask visitors about their browsing experiences.

 Encouraging users to share content on social media:

We are all are aware of the power of social media. One of the best ways to raise your business to the higher levels is through sharing it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or creating channels on your tubes. You can make people follow you through exit intent technology. People will interact with you and share the content of your website on their social media accounts. You can do this simply by displaying social media icons in exit intent pop-ups.

Displaying your contact details and ask them for theirs:

It is very important to remain in touch with your visitors. You can do this by asking for their key contact details. You can use exit intent technology for this purpose. It is also very essential to display your own contact details so that if visitors want to contact they don’t face any problem or obstacle in contacting you.

Fan discussion group:

Now the technology is very advance. People love to use the latest technologies and technological tools. It is plus point for your success as an online business owner. You can take help through different apps in creating your own personal channel for a product that you want to sell. Apps such as Fleep or Azendoo give these opportunities. These channels are great platforms to remain in touch with users. You can ask users to join these discussion channels or groups. People will enjoy these discussions a lot and will give their unique ideas that will help in creating new strategies.

Discount on next purchase:

People love those companies who give discounts on their products or services. Discounts on next purchase will make people return and purchase again from your website. Again, exit intent technology is the effective tool here also as it will display a pop up immediately after user purchases something and going to leave a website.

Visual content through video:

Visual content is always effective and interesting. It will encourage users more than text or audio. You can show your visitors a video tutorial or an introductory video about the website. This will make the visitor stay longer on the website. You can do this by displaying a YouTube video in a pop-up box that appears right after when the user is about to leave. Sometimes users get bored with long details, which they do not want to read. Videos will give those short summaries or description about the post.

 Survey participation:

Surveys are the good and effective way to assess where you lie in the field of online business. Through surveys, you will get to know what your visitors think about you, your performance and your services. It gives a feeling of satisfaction when visitors provide their honest feedback. Through surveys, visitors come to know that their opinion and feedback matters a lot. You can design the survey through simple yes/no questions because it will consume less time.

Displaying related products:

Displaying related products according to the preferences of the visitors will increase the interest of visitor in your products. Exit intent popup is used for the sake of displaying such products. This will make people go for your services without giving it a second thought.

Informing people about latest products:

Human nature is very curious. It always wants something, which is unique and creative. What if you sell something that is so unique? Without any doubt, it will attract so many people to your website. Informing visitors about new products will help in creating trust and good relations with your customers.

So do not hesitate to opt for this technology, as it will give you so many marketing advantages.