6-Ready Made Exit Popup Headlines You Could Use Right Away

Do you know what exit intent popup is and how it works for your site to keep visitors engaged? If not then after reading this you can easily understand what that exit popup is. Exit popups are used to keep customers engaged when they are about to leave the page. You can help the client in getting detailed information, have a look at related items and many other discounts and offers. These can help you in maximizing your revenue and subscribers.

It works on tracking principle, as it traces the cursor of the user on the page and makes you aware of the activities of the user. Then the exit popup gets triggered and provides a desired popup for the client. It contains a small amount of information and graphics which can keep the visitor engaged for a longer period of time and also plays a vital role in making him or her a permanent member of the site. There are different exit popup headlines which can be used easily.

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  • Use Stop or Wait

Using some commands in a highly authoritative way can make your visitors to have a deep and detailed look on your site. “Stop” and “Wait” are the two words which can make the customer curious about things while leaving the page. The word wait has a power that it can make the visitor curious about information that what this wait is going to reveal. Usually, these headlines are used to give commands and instructions so that you can grab the attention of more customers. Through this headline statement, you can also increase the number of subscribers at your site. Apart from these words, other command headlines can also be used to make the popup appealing for customers.

  • Save Your Money

You can write the headline as mentioning that you can save this percent of your money like for example, “Save up to 50%“. This can make the visitor more interested in your product as it helps him or her in saving money. Customers are usually more focused to prevent serving extra money. These headlines focus on every type of audience as it is a human nature that everyone is keen to save their money. They can save their money by subscribing and purchasing the product at lower costs.

  • Get Some Discount

When you use the discount offer as a headline statement this can make the customers more engaged. As every customer love to have products who are offering effective discounts and offers. These are known as direct headlines as it directly communicates the real discount offer in numbers clearly. These present the offer in a straightforward way which makes the offer clear and visitors also like things which are clear and easy to access.

Numbers can give the facts as these are exactly means what they are written. As if you have written 20% discount that only means 20%v discount and have no other meaning. Numbers can also stand out on the popup among another group of letters. Discount offers are more useful to get customers attention as these are the most amazing tool to promote your products and also the site.

  • Don’t Miss That Offer-Limited Time Offer

Some of the sites give some offers to attract and engage the visitors. They can effectively use these offers to express them on popup headlines. You can use a warning sign to give a reminder to the visitor that the offer you are providing is a limited time offer. That limited time offer makes the customer more willing and irresistible to get the following offer.

Mentioning that this is a limited time offer can bring the customer into doubt and fear that they are going to lose something in their lives. You can tell the visitor that what they are going to miss if they have not get this deal. This fear of losing can be used to get more subscribers and revenue.

  • Get This Thing Win By Filling A Survey

You can use these type of headlines in which you can offer some type of wins by getting a survey. For filling a survey customer needs to register at your site which increases the subscriber. These surveys can help you in getting detailed information about your subscriber. Apart from getting a subscriber for your site and the details of subscriber you can also earn more revenue for your site.

These type of headlines are mostly useful for visitors who are very keen to win and get things for free. We know that almost everyone is keen to win so this headline statement can get more subscribers attracted towards the site. Winning something can also give your customer a satisfaction so they always use to visit your site again and again.

  • Get Free Shipping

This can be considered as the best and most effective headline to use for exit popup. Most of the time customers visit the site for online shopping but then leave the site without ordering anything. This can be caused just because they are concerned about the delivery of their ordered product. When they are about to leave the page this headline on popup can grab their attention and make them happy and relieved. They get back to the site and purchase their desired products. Through this headline you can have double benefit one is that you can have a subscriber and the other is that you can also earn by selling your product.

Customers also want to ensure that their product can be delivered in a safe and protected way. So along with the headline of free shipping, you also need to provide some details about your delivery process. This detailed information can help the customer in changing the decision about buying the product or not.