50 Exit Popup Hacks to Grow Your Subscribers & Revenue

Exit Popup Hacks:

Your popups have to be designed to fit with the type of your site. Thus, make certain the sort of popup you opt for won’t harm your SEO. Offer Popups are the ones that offer users something for absolutely free like an ebook or a white paper. They are becoming more important these days because they command action from your visitors. Time-based popups are the best method to leverage the advantages of a popup. An exit-intent popup, which appears as soon as the user’s mouse floats towards the cover of the browser to leave the webpage, may turn a number of those dubious visitors into subscribers merely by giving them one last offer.

You should use a photo gallery plugin like Envira Gallery to add total dimension images on your website. This exit-intent popup plugin offers you an extremely simple yet strong process to convert more of your site’s visitors into buyers along with building out your email list. The first thing which you have to do is to install and activate the Soliloquy WordPress image slider plugin on your website.

An exit popup must provide your visitor a reason to keep on the webpage. The exit popup is among the means that may lead to more conversions by making more subscribers to your site. Perhaps you’ve tried exit popups previously with no luck.

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It’s possible to build beautiful popups without a source coding skills! Obviously, you are going to be in a position to create, save and implement many popups across your website. Luckily, there’s another simple method to bypass these annoying popups without ruining the general functionality of the site. Website popups are likely among the most controversial features it is possible to implement on your Website. A popup which gets in a user’s face at the right time of attempting to exit your website is the ideal approach to grab an email before it’s too late.

You must target users based on the actions performed on your site and retarget them effectively. Have a look at this UGC playbook to prevent mistakes marketers usually make when it has to do with user-generated content. Welcoming users is the very first step to creating a fantastic impression. Thus, target your popups to certain pages your visitors may be leaving from. Once he converts by signing up, you can start your email marketing tricks to bring them to buy some products from the store.

The dev team at Chanty was utterly against the notion of exit popups on the site. Read on to discover how these e-commerce automation hacks will allow you to bid farewell to the mundane tasks of e-commerce marketing and help you concentrate on better marketing. People today tend to follow along with a crowd for psychological factors. The site traffic is 1 aspect that’s going to generate revenues for you. All these traffic hacks are tried and proven to get benefits. List every one of the hacks below that is relevant to your website. Every one of these 10 signup form hacks is guaranteed to create a steady stream of new opt-ins for your internet shop.


50 Exit Popup Hacks:

Are you concerned about getting more view by users and to increase your revenue? Exit pop-ups are the overlays that can help a website to stop the visitor from leaving the page and can help you in increasing the revenue. These are convincing so that subscribers can be easily convinced to not leave the specific page. Some of the exit popup hacks are as follows:

  1. Call Your Visitor’s Name

The first and the most useful and yielding hack of exit popups is to use the name of your visitor. Most of the times when you enter a website they ask you for your name. Through this process, websites can know the name of the visitor. When the visitors are about to leave your page you can address your visitor with his or her name. This makes the visitor shocked and curious to not leave the page.

  1. Personalizing the Popup

Making a personalized and customized pop up is an efficient way to grab the attention of the visitor. You can have detailed knowledge about your specific audience who usually visit your website. Through this knowledge, you can make the exit popup in a way that each and every audience do not feel like leaving the page. When they find the exit, pop up interesting this can help the site in gaining more subscribers and revenue.

  1. Suggest Other Interesting Posts

Visitors are usually concerned to have interesting posts, which can fulfill their researching or scrolling purpose. You can keep your subscriber engaged by giving more options for interesting posts and items.

  1. Offer Upgrade

The upgrade is the thing, which can attract almost everyone. Do you want your site to get popular among subscribers and to increase your sales revenue? You can use this hack, as it is the most useful and amazing hack to increase the subscribers. This is mostly available in blog posts or in articles, which are usually read by students to get knowledge. Whenever the visitor tries to leave the page, you can offer an update in the form of a popup. Like you can offer an updated version of an article or blog post.

  1. Use Zeigarnak Effect

According to this effect, an individual feels incomplete when they have incompleted tasks and always remember that task. Therefore, you can increase your subscriber’s number by using progress bar on exit pop up. This will add irritation to a visitor about incompleteness so visitors go back to complete the task.

  1. Use Images

Images are most appealing when it comes to grabbing an attention of the visitor. You can easily use the image of the product along with the information, which can affect the behavior of the visitor. In online shopping sites, images of the product can make the customer irresistible to stay on the page and buy the product.

  1. Overcome Doubts

This is mostly used for online shopping sites through which customers have to buy the products. You are concerned about the thing that customers have some doubts related to purchasing your product. Because of these doubts, they are leaving your page without buying anything so you can resist them from leaving the page by clearing some of the common shopping related doubt. These doubts can be related to the quality of the product or likability of the product by other family members. So you can use some tricky lines for persuading the customer.

  1. Offer Reminders

These are also related to online shopping as you can provide a reminder to the customer for buying some product. A consumer might have visited some product but has not purchased so you can offer them in an interesting way to exit pop up. This can make the customer willing to buy even they are not interested in buying them.

  1. Offer Some Discounts

When you find that the customer is leaving the site, you can offer an amazing and exciting discount on different products. Discounts can be considered as the best strategy to stick the visitor to your brand.


  1. Provide More Than One Options

Customers when visiting your site they leave the site in a few seconds if they do not find their desired posts. When they click to leave the page, you can offer options that are more interesting so that viewers can choose among thee for their desired post.


  1. Show Meagreness

Showing the limited versions and copies available can make the customer irresistible to buy the product. As the numbers mentioned gives the alert to the visitor that this may not be available when you next visit our site.

  1. Add Urgency To Offers

You can use some tips to show urgency regarding the offers and deals you have provided. For example when you write on exit popup that “Hurry up…. It’s a Limited Time Deal“, this can make the customer keen to buy the deal in that specific time.

  1. Free Trial

Customers are usually in doubt and fear to have online products so they might leave the page without making any shopping. You can offer a free trial to the customer so that they can minimize their fear and stress over buying the product.

  1. Offer free shipping Facility

Getting the product delivered in a safe and easy way is a most important concern of customers. You can offer free shipping service to the customers so that they will not feel like leaving the page without buying any product.


  1. Suggest Most Purchased Products

This helps the customer in getting aware of the most trendy and fashionable products. When they are going to leave the page, you should show some popular items on the pop up with some interesting options. This can make the client to not leave the site without purchasing.

  1. Present Survey

You need to offer some survey about the experience of customers on your site. Visitors usually do not feel like filling the huge survey without any reason so you can offer them something in return. Through your presented survey, you can also get feedback from your customers. Your only concern is to engage the visitor to your site for a longer period of time.

  1. Present More Value Of Product

Sometimes when customers visit the site for getting any product but leave it without buying anything. They might not find the product of the quality, which they want to buy so you can offer an updated and quality product to your customer through exit pop up.

  1. Offer Quiz

Quizzes are considered as the best for engaging more visitors to your site as these are more related to fun. Visitors usually love to know themselves by going through this quiz so will not feel like leaving the site.

  1. Offer A Thank You Note

Everyone likes to be pleased so you can offer a thank you note at the exit pop up. This can make the visitor more willing and likely to visit the site and engaged to the site for the long time span.

  1. Use Catchy Words

Some of the words have catchy and attractive feelings so they can make the visitor stuck to your product. You can use the word wait for making customers curious about things so they return back to the site.

  1. Use Humor

Humour can be effectively used to make the readers laugh and feel happy. Humour can attract the person in a way that no other thing can do so you can use some humor and clumsy content on exit pop up.

  1. Offer To Communicate

Communication is always the best option to negotiate between two individuals. Therefore, you can offer a chat box for the visitors when they are leaving the page so that they can easily communicate with you and will not leave the site in a short time.

  1. Give Yes/No Choice

Making the choice easy is an excellent step to take for making your client stick to your site. You can offer a yes or no choice, which can help the customer in deciding in just a few seconds.

  1. Colour Combinations

Choice of effective and sharp colors for presenting exit pop-ups is a difficult process. As colors can have a strong impact on customer’s choice related to buying or sticking to the site. As for example, if yes is colored green and no is colored red then red is less likely to use and as a result, it increases the revenue.

  1. Give Social Proofs

Everything in this world is working on proofs as everyone wants to have a proof for each and every deed. Social media has a strong impact on a new generation so statistics through social proofs can be used for attraction purpose.

  1. Provide Your Credentials

Usually, visitors want to visit the sites and continue visiting your site if they find the certified and qualified experts. These can help the customer in boosting their confidence and make them attached to your site forever.

  1. Use Numbers

Numbers have a great power to attract the visitors usually odd numbers have much appeal that visitors get stuck to them. These can make the customer curious about these numbers, as these might be the value or cost of some product.

  1. Animations

Animations can provide a better understanding of the concept which is been shown in the exit pop up. Usually, customers find animations more pretty and lovely so also like to stay on the page instead of leaving it.

  1. Ask for following on Social Media

Making more followers on social media can help your site in maximizing the revenue and increasing the subscribers. While the visitor is about to leave the page you can show your social media accounts to follow a new generation is more interested in social media sites.

  1. Add Testimonials

Testimonials can make the visitor aware about reviews and feedbacks of other subscribers. When they are leaving the site, amazing and good testimonials can attract the visitor to again have a look on the page.

  1. Interesting and Yielding Button Copy

Always prefer to use button copy, which ensures the huge benefit to the visitor. In case if you are showing a coupon on exit popup prefer using dollar sign with the amount mentioned on it.

  1. Give Chance To Win

Winning and getting something in free is a most desired thing of almost everyone. Therefore, you can use this strategy to grab the attention of customers as if they find any winning offer they must visit your site again and spend more time visiting.

  1. Increase Curiosity

You can use some questions or statements but keep them incomplete. When visitors read that statement, they feel more curious about things they do not know. As the information gap is so difficult to suffer so, they must visit your page again to have detailed knowledge about that specific thing.

  1. Hide Pop-ups From Older Subscribers

Showing the exit pop-ups to existing subscribers can annoy your customers. These attractive and exciting pop-ups can attract new visitors so hiding the pop-ups from older customers can maintain your subscriber’s number and revenue.

  1. Contest Notifications

You can give notifications about any contests in which students can participate. These can make the visitor your continuous subscriber and help you earn more revenue.

  1. Members only Promotions

Some of the special offers can be provided just for the members of your site. This can help you to increase the subscribers, as they want to get these offers for them.

  1. Use Warning Signs

Increasing fear of being losing something is the best strategy to engage them on your site. You can warn your customers by using pop-ups by saying that you might do not get this opportunity again in the future.

  1. Makes Working Quick

You can provide some tool in the pop up which can help the customer in getting their work done in a short time. As people want their work done in, just a few seconds so by getting this customer can visit your site again and again.

  1. Customized Pop-Ups

Customized pop-ups can help you in grabbing the attention of visitors interestingly. Customized pop-ups are designed by keeping in mind the audience of that specific product.

  1. Use Arrows To Guide

Sometimes any of the customers might not find their desired product or are unable to reach that. You can guide the customer to a specific product by using arrows so that they get back to the site.

  1. Use Coupons

You can use coupons as they provide excellent offers and discounts, which make the visitor become a permanent customer of your site.

  1. Notify About Cart Items

You can use pop-ups to notify the user when they have something purchased in their cart and they do not remember that. Therefore, when they are leaving the page you can give them a notification.

  1. Explain Benefits Of Using Your Site

By explaining and providing detailed information about the benefits and profits of using, the specific site can engage more subscribers.

  1. Ask To Subscribe Newsletters

You can make your visit a permanent subscriber by offering them to subscribe to your newsletter, which makes them visit your site again and again.

  1. Give Details About New Features

Some of the visitors want total updated material and technology so you can provide details about the new features of your site. This can help the visitor in deciding whether to become a subscriber or not.

  1. Use Full-Screen Colors

Using full screen to show your exit pop up is an effective way. Showing pop up in different attractive colours on the full screen can make your subscribers increased.

  1. Assume the registration

Using pop up to show registration form is most trending as customers usually register if they find a registration form. Instead of giving any detail or information, assume that visitor wants to register at your site.

  1. Use “Done For You”

This done for you statement can make the visitor feel special. After having a look on that statement customers feel like the member of that site so, he or she subscribes to that site.

  1. Use No with Tricks

When you have given an option for no must write that no with some procrastinating comments so that visitor does not feel like clicking on no and visit your site repeatedly.

  1. Provide another reading option

When the visitor is tired of scrolling and is about to leave the page you can offer more interesting reading material to the client. This makes the client revisit the page and subscribe for it.