5 Types of Emails that keep the customers coming back

1.    Emails that announce exclusive offers


Doesn’t  it feel nice when someone goes out of their way to present you with something nice? Yes it does. It makes you think more highly of them and also makes you more loyal towards them. The same thing happens when your customers receive an email that consists of a special offer such as discounts or free samples. It makes them held tightly to your grip.

2.    Report Emails


Report emails are very much welcomed by the customers because they are well aware that these emails are informative. A report email that contains the usage updates and notification related to customer activity enables them to be updated. They are nothing like the customary promotional emails that a receiver usually avoids.

3.    Lifecycle Emails


Opt for a lifecycle email to keep the ball rolling. A lifecycle email is that which depicts what stage a customer is at in their ‘customer lifecycle’. It is the most productive step to educate your customers and also lessen the inactivity by them.

4.    Renewal Emails

Renewal Emails

This type of email is the best to magnetize your customers if your product is subscription based. It is highly important to keep reminding your customers about the renewal period of their membership.

The cherry on top is to include an automatic renewal process in your CTA for the customers’ convenience.

5.    Survey Emails

Customers love it when they are able to voice their opinions about a product or service they are using on a substantial platform. Especially if it is a survey from the company itself. A successful email marketing company would send surveys to its existing and potential customers so that it can tailor its products according to it’s customers’ needs and wants.


For a victorious digital marketing strategy keep ‘retention’ the main objective of your plans. Understand your audience and keep the customer base strong and intact to be able to follow a successful campaign. Your existing and potential customers are your asset and keeping them in your grip is an absolute essential.

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