5 Effective Email Marketing Schemes that work wonders

5 effective email marketing schemes that work wonder

The abundant importance of email marketing US and the advertising through email is pretty much known to the world. It is the ULTIMATE arm for today’s marketers to optimize their business and make it grow like never before. It, being the easiest, quickest and most convenient way of promoting a business, has taken the markets by storm and is considered as the best bet for the growth of any business.

It is very important to make sure your marketing strategy is good enough to let the ball rolling. A proper and effective email marketing design and its proper execution are the terminal tools for a successful business venture.

Here’s our rundown on 5 most effective e-mail marketing schemes that are exceptionally workable on any type of business.

Know the Prime Time

Though most or almost all of the marketing emails are sent during business hours it is very necessary to know what time are emails actually opened at.

According to a survey, the prime time for opening emails is 8:00 at night. This is mostly when people are free from all the work and check on all their emails. The email opening rate is the highest at this time and accordingly, the click-through and sales rate is also higher.

Announce Exclusive Offers


The best way to attract customers is to announce free stuff. Your customers literally love it when you have something special to offer to them. It can be eminently great to build a stronger and longer relationship.

Declaring exclusive offers leads to the empowerment of your customers which lets them shift to the penultimate tier where they proudly display their allegiance to your firm.

Interaction is the key to optimizing business

What are we here for? What is our ultimate goal? Why do we have this need of engaging ourselves in marketing through emails? To attract customers and make our business reign in the markets right?

But is that possible without communicating with the customers?


Talk to your customers. Do not act like a nameless, faceless business. Resolve their issues through talking. Talk how you would talk in person. This makes them feel very connected.

Send survey emails to gather feedback, and let them know you care.

Follow up with the Inactive Subscribers

Follow up

Don’t let the customer count shrink. Your customer base is your biggest asset. Every business, be it small or big, has a substantial number of customers who become inactive along with time. It is an absolute essential to keep those customers awake.

Customers who are inactive can be re-engaged by a great technique that marketers religiously follow, which is to keep sending attractive emails to them. The premier step is to NEVER GIVE UP.

Send Emails on Weekends

Sending emails on weekends has proven to be a much better and more successful technique than delivering emails on weekdays. A number of emails sent on the weekend is low and hence the opening rate to happens to be the same.

To make the emails standout, send all the emails on weekends and eventually create a substantial and greater click-through rate.



It would not be wrong to conclude that marketers today, have found great solace in newsletter and email marketing campaigns and seek to follow the best and the most appropriate strategies to get their word delivered completely to their customers. The above-mentioned ways work wonders in increasing the open rate of the e-mails, which in the long run, increases the effectiveness of all the hard work and struggle that was put.