20 Ways to Use Exit Intent Pop-ups effectively


Have you ever thought about why technology is important? Just look in your surroundings and you will get the answer to this question. At every moment of your life, you will need technology. Whether you are working or you are spending your leisure time, technology is always with you. Advancements in technology are surprisingly increasing day by day. Due to technology, we are able to meet our needs with ease.

Every type of business needs technology for progress whether it is a newly settled or it is an established one. Technology plays an important role in business to thrive and grow. It is the only thing that has changed and transforms the living into something more advanced and effective. In this present world of modernization, people are going towards online businesses because it has more scope and market value. It becomes very easy to incorporate technology into businesses.

Exit Intent Popup Technology:

Exit intent pop-ups are the living example of miracles of technology. That kind of technology helps in stimulating businesses and sales. It is the best way to get access to your potential customers. It is a famous lead generation strategy for marketing. It is a kind of website shroud that is displayed for the purpose of the convincing user to stay on the page when the user is about to leave the page. Its graphics come in a customized way tailoring the interest of the page or website. Pages or websites using these pop-ups have the advantage to outperform when it comes to conversion rates.

This alluring technology will help you to always be in contact with your visitors or users. It has the ability to grab the attention of visitors and convince them to stay on a page instead of abandoning the page or website. This exit intent technology detects the movement of the mouse’s cursor movement whenever the visitor is going to leave the page.

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Benefits of Exit Intent Technology

Make the deal worth purchasing:

The best business owner is the one who knows how to make their customers happy and satisfied. If users are browsing your page or website it means they find something unique in it. It is essential to facilitate customers so that they do not regret their decision. Most of the times people do not like products or services you give or maybe they cannot afford them so they decide to leave the site. By using exit, intent pop up you can make your products worth purchasing and interesting.

Contact with a customer:

Exit intent helps you to re-engage with the visitor by contacting him/her. You can start a fruitful conversation with a customer through email list on which visitor’s information is given. People are more likely to visit your websites or love to interact with you when you are able to make contacts with them properly. It will give them a sense of been heard.

Show them the best products:

Online retailers are not able to display their best stuff and products for their customers. Due to this, many visitors get bored and want to leave the page immediately. But if you use exit intent pop up you can display your best products for your customers. This will save your market value and your impression as a best online retailer also.

Immediate reminder:

Most of the time visitors fill their shopping carts with items but forget to complete the purchase. It is obviously a frustrating and problematic thing for online retailers. Exit intent is highly effective in this scenario as it gives a gentle reminder to customers to complete their purchase.

Reliable ways to use exit intent pop-ups

There are so many reliable and useful ways that help in using exit intent pop up technology. These are as follows:

Participation in the survey:

Exit intent always encourages proper facilitation for customers. If you want to access your market performance or want to know, what is your position among online retailers then you must go for surveys. Surveys give you an effective way to do your swot analysis. These surveys will give you proper insight about your customers’ thinking about your business and services. Through surveys, visitors come to know that their opinion and feedback matters a lot. Surveys can be designed by using simple ratings or yes/no questions as it takes less time.

Provision of Free reports:

The best way to attract visitors’ attention is by offering them in-depth reports of your business. This is because customers always want to know the market value of that retailer from which they shop on daily basis. For this sake, they want to go through reports or records because it will satisfy them, as they like to know your achievements. Therefore, it is a plus point if you provide visitors with in-depth reports.

Visitor’s Feedback:

Proper Feedback from customer’s side will come up so many advantages. Users think that their opinions and feedback is very important to your business. It will take them in trust hence resulted in good relations between customer and seller. Proper feedback tells about the company’s market value and reliability. It also helps the company to analyze itself in a positive way. Here again, exit intent technology enables visitors to give feedback by displaying the feedback icon on the popup box when the visitor is done browsing. This popup will ask visitors about their browsing experiences.

App Downloads:

Across the world, smartphone users are increasing day by day. Now every online retailer is looking for mobile applications so that their customers can easily use those apps to browse the website and purchase products. This is done by simply publicizing commercial app taking the help of exit intent technology. These apps help retailers to interact directly with their customers. Through these apps, you will remain in touch with your customers and customers with you.


 Avail vouchers and coupons:

To encourage visitors to remain on a website is very important. Vouchers and coupons encourage visitors to present on page or website. Using vouchers and coupons for giving discounts is a useful way to attract more and more people and make them purchase from your website. People do not waste these vouchers especially. You can also send them on their emails also.

Displaying interactive forms and quiz pop-ups:

This is an amazing way to make people active on your page. People often get bored due to simply scrolling the website. Placing interactive forms and quiz pop-ups at the end of the session motivates the visitors to come again to the website and purchase for themselves. This engagement of the customers on your website will reduce the bounce rate.

Asking questions from the support center:

People usually ask their queries from the FAQ section of the website. But sometimes they do not get the proper answers of their questions from the FAQ section and remain confused. For answering, their queries you can place a pop up on FAQ page and ask customers to sign up for the support center and directly ask their questions. It will motivate them to come repeatedly to your site.

First to Know Club:

You can ask customers to sign up for your first to know club so that they will get updated. When visitors sign up for it, you will have a list of your potential customers. When they will be updated about new products, they will give positive reviews that will help your business to get success.

Offer free service demo:

No doubt, online retailing has a tough competition. It is important to encourage customers to try your products instead of your rivals. You can show them a service demo or offer a free product as a sample. It will make your customer happy and he/she tends to purchase from your page. Here you can place an exit intent pop up and ask them to try a free demo before taking a final decision about the product.

Offering free quotes:

Users tend to browse your site more if you are offering free quotes because it is an attractive thing for them. It encourages the visitor to make more visits on your website.

The free PDF version of the blog post:

People avoid reading lengthy blogs or articles and are not able to know interesting facts about the website. Exit-intent technology will help visitors to get a free PDF version of blogs.

Discussion group or channels:

You can create your own personal discussion groups or channels through different apps. Channels such as Fleep, Azendoo are great platforms to remain in touch with users. You can ask your customers to join these discussion channels.

Discount on next purchase:

People want companies to give them discount offers. Packages like discounts on the next purchase will make people return back to your website. Again, exit intent technology will display a pop up after users purchase something.

 Displaying related products:

Displaying related products according to the needs and desires of the visitors will increase the visitor’s interest in your products. Exit intent popup is used for the sake of displaying such products.

Informing people about latest products, ask customers for their contacts details, encouraging users to share content on social media, newsletter subscription pop up, reminding users about cart items and offer users an online test and guide are also useful ways for using exit intent pop-ups.