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Send Emails

Send Emails and be sure to maximize the probability of reaching the inboxes of your subscribers. To ensure deliverability we use technologies like IP/Domain Certification, ISP Feedback Loops, Email Authentication (Domain Keys, DKIM, SPF and SenderID). Your email newsletters have a greater chance of reach the inbox and minimize accidental email filtering. Enhanced targeting ability such as Dynamic Content, Campaign behavior Targeting, Content Checker, and more other features offered by STEdb.

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Manage Subscriber

You can Manage Subscriber Lists. Export Upload lists from GoldMine, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Informix, Excel, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, ACT, Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Siebel, SalesForce.com or any homegrown contact CRM software. Grow your contact list with sign-up forms for your website, group subscribers according to their interests and even let them change their personal information at the Subscriber Preference Center.

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Tracking & Reports

Get comprehensive Reports with information on who opens your newsletters, who clicked, where they clicked, how many emails bounced, etc. See which subscribers bounced, who unsubscribed, who complained, and even compare indicators across multiple campaigns and see which newsletters are getting a better response. Benchmarking feature is the ability to share your stats with other peer STEdb users.

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Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security: STEdb fully supports MD5 encryption for all subscriber lists. Our security specialists constantly monitor all the services running on our servers and are ready to respond to any ill-intended attempt of jeopardizing our security. We are performing regular Scans and Backups.