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Send Emails

Broadcasting your product or brand through emails has never been easier and more efficient with STEdb. We ensure that our emails are always delivered to subscribers through the use of technologies such as IP/Domain Certification, ISP Feedback Loops and Email Authentication (Domain Keys, DKIM, SPF and Sender ID). Your news letters will be delivered without failure and accidental email filtering will be minimal, resulting in your email ending up on the inboxes of all your subscribers. We may be a mass emailing service but we ensure that your emails land on the appropriate places that you choose through advance targeting options such as ‘Target by Click-Through’ and ‘Target by Field Value’.

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Manage Subscribers

Extract the true potential of your subscribers list through smart management facilities by STEdb. Doesn’t matter where the subscribers come from, STEdb will develop and maintain a unique connection between you and your subscribers. Importing and exporting databases has never been more convenient with options that will allow you to import and export whole lists or specific fields according to your information needs. Keep your new subscribers empowered by sending an automatically generated confirmation email. Once confirmed, all new emails are added to the list. STEdb also offers a unique email marketing solution which helps your subscriber numbers grow by providing Special Sign-Up Forms that you can add to your website and other social platforms.

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Tracking & Reports

STEdb leads the movement of advertising through email by providing you with premium services. Keep yourself up to date with information on everything. From who clicked on and opened your emails to the emails that bounced, and from the number of complains registered, to the amount of people who unsubscribed. STEdb’s tracking and reporting services can even scan indicators across different advertising campaigns to analyze and compare which newsletters are doing well. Benchmarking is a feature in STEdb which allows you the opportunity to share your views and information with fellow users. Line tracking is another service to track all the traffic that is generated through your newsletters.

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Privacy & Security

Nothing matters more than safety and confidentiality when it comes to email marketing and connecting with thousands of users through their personal ID’s. STEdb takes this responsibility very seriously by providing the best privacy & security solutions. Using the MD5 algorithm, our security team scans and monitors any looming threats or suspicious activities which may attempt to damage the trust STEdb develops through its excellent email marketing services. No attempts by hackers or malwares will be able to harm the newsletters or advertising campaigns of our loyal users. We certainly don’t want anyone or any business associated with us to suffer that is why we regularly perform scans and back up all of our data.